Technical Articles

Here’s some great articles and information that may be of some help when using our products.

Trigger Kits

Hall-Effect or Magnetic Pickup? – The basics behind the our trigger kits and different sensors.

Megasquirt Manual: Distributor Pickups – A very informative article explaining the various types of pickup sensors.

Motec: Ref/Sync Triggering Webinar – This is a great webinar to introduce the basics of triggering systems

Fuel Systems

Injector Fitment Guide – Will my current injectors fit your lower o-ringed sleeves?
How Do I Change the Length of My Injectors?

REW Fuel Rails – READ BEFORE INSTALLATION Full Function Engineering
1993-1995 Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) 13B-REW Fuel Rails

The Same As Injector Dynamics But Cheaper?! – Injector Dynamics taking a detailed look at the recent batch of bogus injector data presented as “The Same As…”

Motec: Changing to New Fuel Injectors Webinar – Pete Swinney takes you through the whole process of tuning with new injectors.

Are All Fuel Injectors Created Equal? – Greg Bannish from Calibrated Success.  He’s an ex-GM engine calibrator and knows his stuff.



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