New Products

Drive-By-Wire Throttle Adapters

Check out the up recently updated FD DBW throttle adapter for better flow. We’ve also test fitted with the GM Gen 4 LS throttle body which is more compact and happy to report no longer requires a custom oil filler neck. We’ve released adapters for the RE and Renesis engines as well.

Site Updates and Expansion

To better serve our loyal rotary customers we’re making some updates to our website. We’ll also be expanding our product lines and brands that we carry. We now carry turbo, ignition, and more electronics products. If there’s anything you’d like see from us please let us know. Thanks for all the support over the years and especially during these uncertain times. Check back soon!

Now stocking the brand new ID2600-XDS

The ID2600-XDS was developed specifically for use with liquid fuels and is built with corrosion resistant internals making it fully compatible with ethanol and methanol. These are the perfect secondary injector for high HP rotaries.


FD Light Fuel Rails


The New Injector Dynamics ID-F750 Fuel Filter is Now Available at the FFE Store!


Updated FD Motor Mount20161013_073933


Exhaust Pressure Sensor Canister


FD Idler Pulley Kit for Air Pump removal


We are committed in providing the highest quality performance products for your high performance vehicle.

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